Best Passive Income Investments

Purchase a property that has 5+ units and creates monthly rental income, as well as other income such as vending or parking revenue. Invest in a vacation property that offsets some of the costs of home ownership by bringing in rental income. You can spread your $10,000 out across multiple funds or focus on just one or two.

passive income investments

You should try affiliate marketing to generate passive income. You can venture into business or have a side hustle without putting in too much effort. Dropshipping a channel of passive income that does not require upfront capital to get started as you need not purchase the products before the sales take place. You also need not know to code or build websites to start earning from dropshipping. Crowdfunding is a funding model whereby a group of investors come together and invest in a real estate project. By investing in crowdfunding options, you can stay completely passive as the property managers take care of the property and its maintenance.

Passive Income Investment Idea #3

If you hold land for investment, any earnings would be considered active. If you have unrealized losses in your portfolio, you can harvest those losses and use them to offset any taxable gains you may have taken during the year. If your losses exceed your gains, you can use up to $3,000 per year to reduce your ordinary income as well.

Investopedia does not include all offers available in the marketplace. One perfect example is to invest through a Robo-advisor — a robotic financial advisor. All it takes is to set up an account, answer a few questions, and have AI do the rest for you. Almost half of them have begun a side hustle to earn passive income.

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Despite economic uncertainty, a number of companies boosted dividend payouts in 2022 or announced increases for 2023. Investing $10,000 into dividend stocks could make sense if you want to create current income.

passive income investments

Real estate is a tangible asset that is stable and less volatile. Thus real estate investment is one of the safer options to invest. Passive income options have been attractive investments for the youth as well as the elderly. It has been recognized as a great means to generate cash flow.

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